VINA Plasticizers Chemical Company Limited (formerly known as “LG VINA Chemical Company Limited”) was established on June 22, 1995.
General introduction

The company was set up from the cooperation and joint-venture with large and experienced world-wide groups and companies in Oil & Field, Petro-chemical and Fertilizers like LG Chem, Southern Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (belonging to Vietnam Chemical Corporation) and Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (belonging to Petro Vietnam).

The company is specialized in producing and trading plasticizers mainly for serving the PVC industry. In 2020, increased capacity to 120,000 ton/year.

With the help of the excellent experiences from the partners and the uninterrupted efforts from all the management and staff of the company, the quality of products and services are constantly improving through the application of quality control systems such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Six sigma, TPM, and Technical support to Customer. The company is also focusing on CPPM (Customer Pain Point Management) so as to satisfy the customers’ invisible needs which is getting higher and higher. In addition, the company’s products are exported to many countries world-wide.

The company’s development is the result of the valuable support and cooperation from the customers. The achievements that we made also serve as our commitment to meet the increasingly higher demands from the customers.


Changing the company name to
VINA Plasticizers Chemical Company Limited.
Increased capacity to 120,000 ton/year
Changing the company name to LG VINA Company Limited.
Increased capacity to 40,000 ton/year
Commercial Operation, capacity to 30,000 ton/year
Establishment LG VINA Join venture company

Organizational chart


ISO 14001:2015 EN

QMS ISO 9001 Certificate EN